Green-Wood Connections Everywhere!

Well, I really had no idea. I was off to see my friend somewhere in Manhattan. Had never visited him at his home before. Checked the address: 33 West 67th Street. Turns out it is The Atelier Building, built 1904-1905 as, according to the AIA Guide to New York City, as one of the first co-op buildings in NYC. Quite a remarkable place. What a building!

Raising the Roofs

The back entrance to Green-Wood, on Fort Hamilton Parkway, just doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Admittedly, it is not a spectacular as the brownstone Arches at the main entrance to Green-Wood, Fifth Avenue and 25th Street, described by Robert A. M. Stern, dean of Yale’s School of Architecture, as the finest example of High Victorian design in America.

Tiffany Windows in Maine

While wandering around Bar Harbor, Maine, I came across St. Savior’s Episcopal Church. It is quite a place, with 42 memorial windows, including 10 by Louis Comfort Tiffany, one of Green-Wood’s permanent residents. Here’s a sampling of some of Tiffany’s great work there.

A Walk in the (National) Park

I just got back last week from my favorite place in the world: Acadia National Park up in Maine. For me, Acadia is an incomparable mix of climbable mountains, rocky coast, quiet carriage trails, scenic ponds, and lobster dinners. Well, there I was, enjoying a ranger-led walk in the woods, when we came across a … Read more

Boardwalk Empire

HBO’s latest hot series, “Boardwalk Empire,” the story of Atlantic City and organized crime during Prohibition, got off to a roaring start on Sunday. It received raves from the critics for the first show, directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Terence Winter (of “The Sopranos” fame). The premier was a smash hit–the second highest-rated … Read more

Happy Birthday, U.S. Constitution

Two hundred and twenty-three years ago today, 39 men put their signatures on an historic document, the United States Constitution. One of those men was William Livingston (1723-1790) of New Jersey, pictured above. Livingston also served in the Continental Congress, as brigadier general of the New Jersey militia, and as the first governor of New … Read more

The Battle is Joined!

It is no coincidence that part of the Battle of Brooklyn was fought across the grounds that would become Green-Wood Cemetery. The men who chose this land as the place for their rural cemetery–Henry E. Pierrepont, the Brooklyn leader who pushed for its creation, and engineer David Bates Douglas, who would go on to design … Read more


It was time to party last night: The Green-Wood Historic Fund’s third annual gala. Unfortunately, apparently Mother Nature didn’t get the memo, and she launched quite an assault of wind and rain. But our partygoers were not to be deterred–and a great time was had by all. This gala will be remembered for many years–and … Read more

September Birthdays

September 1, 1795: James Gordon Bennett, founder of the New York Herald, which became the country’s most influential and the world’s largest newspaper; perhaps best known for his sensational and often startling coverage of scandalous “news,” Bennett’s Herald also covered – with great detail and accuracy – some of the greatest fires in the history … Read more


FROM: GREEN-WOOD HISTORIC FUND CONTACT: Kim Esp/Colleen Roche  212-575-4545 Linden Alschuler & Kaplan Public Relations Proceeds will Support Historic Preservation Projects, Educational Programs & Community Outreach Events at Brooklyn’s Historic Green-Wood, A National Historic Landmark FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Brooklyn, NY—Thursday, September 16, 2010) – Hundreds of New Yorkers, including civic leaders, government officials, business leaders, … Read more