green-wood graves tree

The Landscape and Living Collection

Green-Wood is an accredited level III arboretum with a living collection comprised of about 8,000 living specimens. That’s 695 species and hybrids (including cultivars), representing 61 taxonomic families and 159 different genera. Green-Wood is also home to a wide variety of avifauna, herpetofauna, mammals, and pollinating insects that attract the gaze of the naturalist communities. (For more info, contact

The Green-Wood Historic Fund Collections

Green-Wood has an extensive collection of artworks and artifacts that collectively illuminate the rich history of the Cemetery and its permanent residents. Items include over 600 works of art; 1,000 published volumes; and thousands of photographs, letters, advertisements, and other ephemera. (For more info, contact

hanging framed art
burial ledger handwriting

The Institutional Archives

There are hundreds of thousands of records that document the day-to-day business activities of The Green-Wood Cemetery from its founding in 1838 to the present. They include documentation of the Cemetery’s creation and development, heirship records, burial orders, correspondence, transfer records, architectural drawings, and photographs. (For more info, contact