katz_160622_9790-copyGreen-Wood offers many options for casketed burial. These include traditional in-ground and above-ground placement (or “entombment”) of a crypt in one of our community mausoleums. Land is also available for the construction of a family mausoleum or sarcophagus. Our memorial counselors can describe and explain each option to you. We encourage you to set up an appointment today by calling 718-210-3081.

If you’re looking to schedule a burial in an existing Green-Wood lot, please contact a licensed New York State Funeral Director to make arrangements.

Traditional In-ground Burial

With a limited amount of land still available, Green-Wood has a select number of lots for traditional in-ground interment available. This includes both standard graves and premium lots, each of which will accommodate up to three casketed burials and up to three cremated bodies. All burial spaces are subject to restrictions concerning grave markers, plantings, and memorial tributes, which our memorial counselors will indicate for you.

Community Mausoleums

katz_160622_9977-copyThere is a wide array of options for crypts in our community mausoleums that our staff will also present for your consideration. We have both indoor and outdoor crypts that will accommodate up to one, two, or four caskets. Prices vary depending on capacity, level, and location.

katz_160622_0063-copyWhat if We Have an Established Family Lot at Green-Wood?
Over the past 175 years, families and individuals have established thousands of private lots at Green-Wood. Many of these lots were purchased with the intention of creating a legacy, through providing a place for family members to be buried together for generations to come. If you are a descendant of the original lot owner (purchaser) of a lot at Green-Wood, you, your spouse, and your descendants most likely have rights of interment on that lot.  If you are interested in learning more about who is buried at Green-Wood, please contact our executive office at 718-788-7850, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with establishing your rights of interment.

Endowed Care
For more frequent attention to the upkeep of a burial plot, lot holders have the option to set up an endowment in accordance with New York State law. Once the plot or grave is endowed, the principal amount is invested in securities (that are overseen by state cemetery law) and it remains invested in perpetuity. Only the income on the principal is used for the care and maintenance of the plot or grave. Our staff can explain the options to you, which include purchasing Endowed Care for the first time, or upgrading an existing endowment.

This popular option has, in the past, been called Perpetual Care. Indeed, the New York State Not-for-Profit Corporation Law still uses the term to refer to Endowed Care. However, it should be noted that no cemetery cannot guarantee that endowed funds will be sufficient for upkeep in perpetuity. If the endowment proves to be insufficient over time, care and maintenance may be reduced. Additional funds may be added to the principal endowment at any time to help generate greater income.

Credit: Michael Gerbino

A small selection from our Forever Flowers programCredit: Michael Gerbinao

Flowers, Lights of Remembrance, and Christmas Arrangements
In community mausoleums, Green-Wood is proud to offer the opportunity to embellish a family crypt with seasonal floral arrangements. In the Hillside VI mausoleum, a floral vase with a “perpetual light” is also available.

In December, traditional evergreen arrangements (“blankets” and wreaths) have been placed by Green-Wood on outdoor graves since the Victorian era. Each of these programs is available for an additional fee.

A member of our staff can describe these options and costs.

Green Burial
Green-Wood is happy to accommodate families interested in exploring options for environmentally sustainable, natural burial practices. Green-Wood is a hybrid cemetery, utilizing both traditional and “green” practices. Our memorial counselors will be pleased to answer your questions about Green Burial and explain these options to you.

Green-Wood works with all funeral directors, both in and out of state. Anyone wishing to make immediate arrangements for burial or cremation in New York State must work with a licensed funeral director. Funeral directors in your area can be found online, through personal recommendations, or through your place of worship.

To install a monument or marker on a grave, you will need to contract the services of a monument dealer. Please refer to our Monument Regulations for Grave and Lot Owners for more information or contact us.

Please note that in accordance with New York State law, families must work with a licensed funeral director, who will in turn make arrangements for a burial or cremation at Green-Wood. Funeral directors in your area can be found through personal recommendations, a simple Internet search, or through your place of worship.

Also, in accordance with New York State law, these prices have been set and approved by the New York State Cemetery Board:

– Premium One Grave Lots (up to three burials): $21,000 or $29,000 – plus foundation
– Premium Two Grave Lots (up to six burials): From $58,000 – plus foundation
– Premium Three Grave Lots and Larger: From $29,000 per grave – plus foundation
Full Price List

Note: Each grave holds three burials.

There are several more options than are listed here; our memorial counselors will walk you through the possibilities so you can select what’s right for your family.