We welcome you to enjoy and explore our historic landscape but ask that you abide by the following rules and regulations while on site—for the safety of all individuals and maintaining our grounds.

We remind you that Green-Wood is an active cemetery, please be respectful of cemetery services and operations. Be mindful of those visiting the final resting places of loved ones and respect their privacy.

Please maintain Social Distancing at all times and be mindful of those around you. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

– No bicycles, scooters, rollerblades, or the like are allowed. Bicycle racks are available at all entrances.
– Balls, frisbees, kites, and similar toys are not permitted.
– No running, jogging, or other exercise aside from walking.
– No shouting or music playing.
– No picnicking or sunbathing.
– Please wear appropriate attire.
– No shouting.
– Pedestrians, please be aware of passing cars and keep to the side of the road wherever possible.
– No littering.

Monuments and mausoleums:
– Please refrain from touching any monuments or mausoleums. Stones may topple over posing a safety
concern. Additionally, marble and brownstone surfaces are especially susceptible to damage if touched.
– Grave rubbings are not permitted as they damage the stones.
– Never sit or walk on a monument.
– Do not disturb gravesites or items left as tribute.

Trees and other plants:
– Please be mindful of our Living Collection and refrain from activities that may damage our plants and trees.
– No climbing trees, sitting in trees, hitting trees, or removing leaves, bark, or blossoms from trees.
– No picking flowers or grass.
– Please walk only on roads, paths, and grass—do not step on flower beds.

– Pets are not permitted.
– Please keep a safe distance from any wildlife you encounter on the grounds, including beehives.
– Do not feed any wildlife, including ducks, geese, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and fish.

Parking and Vehicles:
– Please drive with caution and be mindful of those walking, especially children.
– Free parking is available throughout the Cemetery. Please park all vehicles on the right-hand side of the road.
– Parking on the grass is prohibited.
– Please do not leave strollers in the roads or on the paths.

– We welcome and encourage you to take photos of Green-Wood.
– Tag @historicgreenwood on Instagram, use the hashtag #greenwoodcemetery, and/or post to our Facebook page, The Green-Wood Cemetery.
– Professional photography (intended for publication or commercial use) is permitted only with the written consent of The Green-Wood Cemetery.
– Movie cameras, video and live models are strictly prohibited.
– Use of drones is illegal and therefore prohibited in the Cemetery.

– Restrooms are available at our Main Entrance, Sunset Park Entrance, and Prospect Park West Entrances.

Violators of our rules and regulations will be asked to leave.

Thank you for your cooperation!