Graveside Tributes

Green-Wood has strict rules for placement of flowers and other graveside tributes. 

Only fresh or dried natural flower bouquets are permitted as tributes at graves. Flowers will be removed when they expire. Vases holding water are not permitted as it encourages mosquito breeding. Artificial flowers are not permitted.

The following outlines items that are prohibited according to Green-Wood’s Regulations as approved December 22, 1993.

“Vigil lights, candles, name plates, crosses, figures, images, emblems, memorials, and symbols of all kind are prohibited, unless constructed of granite or marble or of a metal of a kind to be first approved in writing by the Superintendent and either constituting an integral part of a monument or securely fastened to and placed on a foundation constructed for that purpose. The placing or leaving of inanimate ornamentation, ornaments, trinkets, and articles and objects of all kind of an insubstantial nature such as, but not limited to, vigil lights, candles, toys, pictures, photographs, artificial flowers, wooden or composite crosses, wire-work, and arbors of all kinds, watering cans, and garden tools is prohibited and may be removed and /or destroyed by the Cemetery without notice or liability to any person. What shall constitute articles and objects prohibited by this paragraph shall be determined in the sole judgment of the superintendent.”

Evergreen arrangements are welcomed during the holiday season. They will be removed in February as weather permits. Easter palm crosses are allowed and will be collected approximately three weeks after Easter during our annual spring clean-up.

Additionally, at single graves planting of all kinds is prohibited. Permanent flower vases must be of a type approved by the Superintendent and must be installed flush with the grave. 

If you are lot owner and would like to receive an electronic copy of Green-Wood’s Regulations, please email us at indicating your lot and grave number in the subject line.

PLEASE NOTE: Cemetery clean sweeps occur in February, April, and September. Everything will be removed from graves except fresh flower bouquets. Prohibited items will also be removed without notice during regular mowing rotations.