Peter W. Davidson, Chair

Adrian Benepe

Michael C. Brooks

Bevin Cline

C. Payson Coleman, Jr., Chairman Emeritus

Krystyna Houser

Kathy Kermian-Leicht

Lark-Marie Antón Menchini

Hugh O’Kane, Jr.

Jim Rossman

Ronald G. Russo, Esq.

Carla P. Shen

Sam Sifton

Alexandra Sweeney

Earl D. Weiner

Samuel G. White

Rudy Wynter


Malcolm MacKay

Otis Pratt Pearsall

The Annual Meeting of the Lot Owners of The Green-Wood Cemetery will be held via videoconference on Wednesday, October 6, 2021 at 11:30am. Please contact Sara Durkacs at for details.