Credit: Art Presson
Credit: Art Presson

As a cemetery operating in New York State, Green-Wood is fully compliant with the regulations of the NYS Division of Cemeteries. In accordance with state law, these prices have been set and approved by the State Cemetery Board. All prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Services charges effective July 1st, 2023.

Prices of crypts, lots, niches, urn sites, urns, annual care, and perpetual care furnished upon application.

This is a full list of every option available, and we post it here as required by law. Any one of Green-Wood’s memorial counselors will walk you through the possibilities so you can select what’s right for your family.

Mausoleums, Niches, and Graves

Community Mausoleums
Single (one entombment): $40,000
Double (two entombments): $36,000 to $60,000
Triple (three entombments): N/A
Quad (four entombments): $45,000 to $65,000

Niches: $2,300 to $19,000
Urn Sites: from $6,000
Urns: from $250
Cremation Accessories: from $75

Single Graves (up to three burials): $21,000 to $26,000
Plus Foundation Cost: $849 to $954
Two Grave Lots (up to six burials): $42,000
Plus Foundation Cost: $1,749 to $2,173
Standard Three Grave Lots and Larger: From $21,000 per grave – plus foundation
Premium One Grave Lots (up to three burials): $26,000 or $35,000 – plus foundation
Premium Two Grave Lots (up to six burials): From $70,000 – plus foundation
Premium Three Grave Lots and Larger: From $35,000 per grave – plus foundation
Premium Lots for Cremated Bodies: From $15,000 – plus foundation
Sarcophagus Sites (378 sq. ft.): $300,000
Mausoleum Sites (756 sq. ft.): $500,000
Odd sizes or additions: Pro-rated

Charges for Opening Graves, Vaults, etc.

Interments (Maximum depth including use of lowering device & grass lining)
Adult: $2,312.00*#
Children (10 years or less): $1,193.00*#
Saturday burials – extra charge: $414.00
(additional charge for each half hour or portion thereof for arrival after 11:30 AM): $84.00
Wooden outer case or non-metal casket only – extra charge: $100.00
Additional charge for grave openings by hand when made necessary by the lot being enclosed (maximum depth): $780.00
Interment or scattering of cremated body: $532.00*#
Interment of cremated body extra depth: $634.00*#
Inurnment of cremated body in niches, private mausoleums and recessed foundations: $247.00*#
Vaults, underground when covered by exposed slab: $1,048.00*#
Vaults, underground when covered by earth: $1,337.00*#
Tombs in side hills and above ground: $1,002.00*#
Sealing end catacombs: $307.00
Sealing side catacombs: $381.00
Opening and closing crypt (Community Mausoleums): $1,447.00*#
Use of Chapel: $289.00
Use of Shelter Tent: $136.00
Funerals arriving after 4pm or waiting time over 30 minutes, for each half hour or portion thereof: $93.00
When necessary to raise remains an additional charge will be made:
when remains are to be lowered into the same grave: $584.00
when remains are disinterred to another location: $1,332.00
Receiving Tomb, for each body: $567.00
Additional charge after 6 months for each 6 months thereafter: $191.00


In accordance with New York State law, anyone wishing to make arrangements for cremation must work with a licensed funeral director and not directly with the cemetery. The funeral director can, in turn, make arrangements for a cremation at Green-Wood. Listed below are the state-approved fees for the cremation only. These costs are incorporated into the overall services funeral directors provide.

Adults (includes use of Chapel for service): $557.00*
Direct Cremation (no service, no family in attendance): $480.00*
Direct Cremation using Alternative Container (no service, no family in attendance): $429.00*
Children (10 years or less) (includes use of chapel for service): $364.00*
Direct Cremation (no service, no family in attendance): $314.00*
Direct Cremation using Alternative Container (no service, no family in attendance): $280.00*
(Metallic cases or metal-lined cases are prohibited)
Temporary storage of cremated remains for one month or less: $54.00
Shipping & handling of cremated remains via priority mail express: $60.00

Foundation Charges, including excavation

Charge per cubic foot 5 feet through 8 feet deep: $53.00
Charge per cubic foot 9 feet deep: $55.00
Charge per cubic foot 10 feet deep: $60.00
Minimum charge – single graves: $891.00
Minimum charge – memorial proportioned for two graves: $1,777.00
Removal of old foundations, per cubic foot: $17.00
Labor charge, if necessary to remove and replace stones, per man, per hour: $40.00
Minimum: $138.00

Foundations for monuments shall be built to the full depth of the grave or its equivalent if rock conditions exist.

Permit fee for additional inscribing of an existing monument, setting of stonework and repairs to existing stonework: $38.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Registry of all instruments & certified transcripts: $26.00
Genealogical Searches:
Burial listing, interment records, diagrams and other research
$35.00 per half hour or part thereof: $35.00

Handling and sealing of liners: $270.00
Handling tablets for inscriptions (Community Mausoleums): $347.00**
Handling tablets for inscriptions (Columbarium Niches): $160.00**

* Includes $5.00 New York State Cemetery Vandalism and Abandoned Cemetery Property Fund.
** Actual cost of inscription not included.
# Includes $35.00 New York State mandated contribution to the Permanent Maintenance Fund of the Cemetery.

Link to New York State Division of Cemeteries Disclosure Forms (or access via QR code below)