Designer: Robert Launitz, sc. Location: Lake Avenue and Sylvan Avenue, near Sylvan Water Saved in Time: 2005 Do-Hum-Me was the eighteen-year-old daughter of Nan-Nouce-Push-Ee-Toe, a chief of the Sac and Fox Nation* who traveled east in 1843 from their native lands in Iowa to participate in treaty negotiations with the federal government. The occasion resulted in her meeting … Read more


Erected in 1869 Restoration of Granite Pedestal, Plaques and Trophies Designer: Uncertain Location: “The Plateau,” Battle Avenue and Border Avenue Saved in Time: 2003 This impressive monument, dedicated by the City of New York to ITS HEROIC DEAD, and to the 148,000 soldiers enlisted for service in the Civil War, stands on “The Plateau,” or … Read more


Sculptor: Lebretham Founder: L. S. Jacquin Location: Battle Avenue between Bay View Avenue and Bayview Path Saved in Time: 2005 While theater in New York City dates back to the Colonial Period, it was not until 1866 that the Black Crook was staged at Niblo’s Garden (William Niblo is also buried at Green-Wood), Broadway and … Read more


Designer: Unknown Location: Above Hillside Avenue, between Ocean Avenue and Aurora Path Saved in Time: 2003 General Slocum is perhaps the best known and most highly regarded Civil War general of the Union buried in Green-Wood. He was educated at West Point and served in the Seminole War, but resigned from the Army and went … Read more


Designer: Unknown Location: Crest of hill, intersection of Highland Avenue and Cornus Avenue Saved in Time: 2002 Henry J. Raymond was the founder and first editor of The New York Times. He launched his newspaper in 1851, publishing editorials expressing strong sentiments “emphasizing reason over passion and impartiality over partisanship.” He was politically active, becoming … Read more


Designer: Unknown Location: Dawn Path, up grade off Hillside Avenue Saved in Time: 2006 A stark and simple granite monument marks the grave of Henry Ward Beecher, the nationally renowned abolitionist and religious orator on public morality and social issues. Beginning in 1847 Beecher served as minister of the Plymouth Congregational Church in Brooklyn Heights, … Read more

HENRY CHADWICK (1824-1908)

Designer: Unknown Location: Border Avenue, between Hemlock Avenue and Jasmine Avenue Saved in Time: 2004 The bronze plaque in the form of a baseball “diamond” featuring home plate and bases remembers Henry Chadwick as the “Father of Baseball,” a reference attributed to President Theodore Roosevelt. Born in England and coming to America as a boy, … Read more

Featured Restoration: The Gottschalk Project

The Green-Wood Historic Fund has begun a long-anticipated campaign to re-create the sculpture of an intricately designed “Angel of Music” that once topped the marble pedestal marking the grave of legendary 19th-century American composer and pianist Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829–1869). Green-Wood’s President Richard J. Moylan, with the assistance of the National Sculpture Society, has solicited … Read more

Sculpture & Sculptors of Note at Green-Wood

Utilizing The Gottschalk Project is an exciting opportunity for Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery to commission a major new work of sculpture that will endure for centuries to come. It will also be an impressive addition to the cemetery’s significant body of sculpture that already graces many gravesites. (see also: National Sculpture Society Sculptors of Green-Wood) The … Read more