Sculpture & Sculptors of Note at Green-Wood

Green-Wood Sculpture in Winter

Utilizing The Gottschalk Project is an exciting opportunity for Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery to commission a major new work of sculpture that will endure for centuries to come. It will also be an impressive addition to the cemetery’s significant body of sculpture that already graces many gravesites.

(see also: National Sculpture Society Sculptors of Green-Wood)

The Green-Wood Cemetery is proud to be the home of works of sculpture by such eminent artists as:

Henry Kirke Brown, sc. DeWitt Clinton Statue and bas-reliefs; William S. Packer Statue; Marion Cozzens Memorial marble bas-relief (bas-relief attributed to Brown).

Daniel Chester French, sc. “Frankie” marble statue of young boy (statue attributed to French).

John Quincy Adams Ward, sc. Hiram and William Fogg Memorial marble bas-relief portraits (bas-reliefs attributed to Ward).

Augustus Saint-Gaudens, sc. David Stewart Tomb (Stanford White, architect) bronze angel bas-reliefs (restored by the Saved In Time program); Saint-Gaudens Family grave marker also restored by The Green-Wood Historic Fund.

John Moffitt, sc. Main Entrance, tympanum bas-reliefs and other carvings; Fort Hamilton Parkway Entrance, Visitor’s Cottage brownstone bas-reliefs; Burnham Family Monument granite statue; Brown Family “Arctic” Memorial (part of the Saved In Time program); Steinway Vault; and others.

Frederick Wellington Ruckstuhl, sc. Minerva Statue / “Altar to Liberty” bronze statue.

Solon Borglum, sc. Charles Schieren Memorial, Azrael / ”Angel of Death” bronze statue (part of the Saved In Time program).

John Frazee and Robert E. Launitz, sc. Charlotte Canda Memorial and marble statue (part of the Saved In Time program) ; Do-Hum-Me Indian Princess with bas-relief (restored by the Saved In Time program); Firemen’s Monument.

Charles Calverley, sc. Elias Howe Jr. Memorial bronze bust (part of the Saved In Time program); Horace Greeley bronze bust; “Precious Georgie” marble bas-relief.

Karl Muller, sc. John Matthews Memorial / “The Soda Fountain King” (part of the Saved In Time program); Henry Hidden, Civil War Officer, bronze bas-relief (conserved).

Dan Ostermiller, sc. (b. 1956) New sculpture at Green-Wood, “L’ours” (“The Bear”) bronze statue for the William Holbrook Beard Memorial.

Green-Wood is the final resting place of:

Emma Stebbins, sc. Bethesda Fountain “Angel of the Waters” and putti statuettes, bronzes, Central Park, NYC.

Thomas Crawford, sc. “Freedom” Statue, bronze statue on top of the dome of the U.S. Capitol Building, Washington,D.C.

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