Gutters Are In Again!

How is your Green-Wood eye? There have been a few subtle changes out on the grounds in the last couple of weeks. Here’s that story. Come visit and see for yourself! Several features of Green-Wood’s grounds date back to its initial design by engineer David Bates Douglass (1790-1849). A graduate of Yale, class of 1813, … Read more

Turn On The Lights!

In Green-Wood’s early years, its visitors’ entrance was along 24th Street. However, when bars sprung up along the access road just outside the cemetery, Green-Wood decided it had to move its entrance. So, in 1860, Green-Wood hired Richard Upjohn, the first president of the American Institute of Architects, and his son, Richard Michell Upjohn, to … Read more

Coming Back From Sandy

Hurricane Sandy hit Green-Wood a year ago today. 300 trees were lost. And those trees took a toll as they crashed to the ground, landing on, and shattering, monuments and fences. But Green-Wood, as always, has bounced back–thanks to its extraordinary workers. In just the last few weeks, two important restoration projects–one of a marble … Read more

“Green-Wood at 175” is Hot Off The Presses

Green-Wood is celebrating its 175th anniversary this year in several special ways. There is a great exhibition, “A Beautiful Way to Go,” at the Museum of the City of New York. We are also posting an entry on our website of Green-Wood-related dates–one for every day this year. And, now, hot off the presses is … Read more

Trees A Comin!

Hurricane Sandy, with intense winds across Green-Wood’s 478 acres a few months ago, toppled, snapped off, and broke into pieces about 300 of our 7,000 trees. Now, in order to make amends, and at the same time bring to fruition several long-anticipated tree-planting projects, Art Presson, Green-Wood’s superintendent of the grounds, has gotten to work … Read more

On A Foggy Day

Green-Wood is a great place for a photographer to roam–whether it is to capture spring bloom, fall foliage, a snow storm, or devastation in the wake of vandalism, a tornado, or a hurricane. And now Green-Wood in the fog. Art Presson, our superintendent of the grounds, is quite the artist. Before coming to Green-Wood, Art … Read more

From Disaster, Hope

As I reported in “Sandy Hammers Green-Wood,”our recent hurricane visitor was not kind to Green-Wood’s grounds. Approximately 300 mature trees–oaks, maples, beeches, and more, were toppled or snapped off. And, those tons of wood landed on more than 200 monuments, shattering angels and gravestones. But it was not all a loss. In fact, it was … Read more

On Green-Wood’s Grounds

There is a lot going on across Green-Wood’s magnificent 478 acres. New trees are being planted. So, in April, Green-Wood staff was contacted by Bart Chezar, a Park Slope environmentalist who is active with the American Chestnut Foundation. Bart explained in an e-mail: In 2004, working with staff in Prospect Park, we planted several American … Read more

As Fall Fades . . .

Art Presson, Green-Wood’s superintendent of the grounds, shares his thoughts on fall’s retreat: It’s almost over, but the maples lining Vine Avenue, south of Fir Avenue are on fire- red. Also one of the last gasps, which is a thrill, are the ginkgo biloba. They will be at peak of yellow tomorrow. Then soon, within … Read more