On A Foggy Day

Green-Wood is a great place for a photographer to roam–whether it is to capture spring bloom, fall foliage, a snow storm, or devastation in the wake of vandalism, a tornado, or a hurricane. And now Green-Wood in the fog.

Art Presson, our superintendent of the grounds, is quite the artist. Before coming to Green-Wood, Art was the exhibition designer at the International Center of Photography. Art then studied horticulture at, and received a degree from, the New York Botanical Garden. He has used his eye to create gardens and much more at Green-Wood.

Art, as you will see below, is also quite the photographer. Simply put, he has a great eye. So yesterday, with snow covering the ground, and warm air rolling in above it, fog set in at Green-Wood. And Art saw the opportunity to photograph Green-Wood in a way that it is rarely seen: in the fog. A few of his photographs follow.

Green-Wood's Arches in the distance.
The Browne Family Mausoleum is one of Gree-Wood's earliest--dated 1843--and was designed by architect Richard Upjohn.
That's the Beard Bear resting in the background.
"Civic Virtue," a bit more covered up than usual.
An obelisk and shrouded urns, symbols of resurrection.
Looking into the distance.

Thanks, Art, for sharing your photographs.



4 thoughts on “On A Foggy Day”

  1. Yes, it is sad. But our Restoration and Preservation team can’t get all of the damage repaired overnight–it has the pieces that we retrieved and will get to work on the Lloyd Angel as soon as possible.

  2. I remember the bad old days of Green-Wood when it was forbidden to photograph inside the gates.

    Hats off to the enlightened present board from Rich M. on down!


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