” . . . Green-Wood Bore The Brunt” of Hurricane Sandy

Just a few days after Hurricane Sandy hit Brooklyn, we blogged about the extensive damage to trees, memorials, and fences at Green-Wood Cemetery: “Sandy Hammers Green-Wood.”

In today’s New York Times, reporter David W. Dunlap updates the sad story of destruction: “In a Historic Resting Place, a Different Sort of Loss: Hurricane Sandy Damaged Many Cemeteries, but Green-Wood Bore the Brunt.”

The Lloyd Family Angel lost its head, arm, and tip of a wing to a tree branch that was snapped off by Hurricane Sandy's winds. Photograph by David W. Dunlap/The New York Times.





2 thoughts on “” . . . Green-Wood Bore The Brunt” of Hurricane Sandy”

  1. ”A palisade of pin oaks along a cemetery road called Cypress Avenue proved especially vulnerable.”

    Just an idea..if that area is prone to storm damage,you can transplant all the surviving trees to an other location and create new burial plots..


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