Green-Wood’s Magic Lantern Slide Collection

I enjoy collecting. And, as a person fascinated by our history, one of the things I like to collect is photographs of 19th century New York City. Such photographs help us understand a world both different from ours, but one that has profoundly affected our own world. They give us perspective on the human condition–what … Read more

A Green-Wood Coming Out Party

We recently held a coming out party in our Historic Chapel to introduce the public to developments in our events, collections, and archives. The evening  was co-sponsored by the Archives Round Table of Metropolitan New York. The proceedings began with a wine and cheese reception outside the Chapel, on a lovely fall evening. Then it … Read more

Time Capsule Discovered

Last Thursday, a construction worker, using a jackhammer, was working on the expansion of Green-Wood’s Crematory and Columbarium when he hit something strange in a wall: a metal box. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that this was no ordinary box–it was a time capsule! It turns out that Ken Taylor, Green-Wood’s vice president for … Read more

Tiffany Studios’ Work at Green-Wood

Green-Wood Historic volunteers have been attending research sessions on Saturdays for years now. These sessions, held about once a month, began as searches of cemetery records for hints that might lead to the identification of Civil War veterans. About a year ago, they morphed, under the supervision of Brooklyn College’s Professor Tony Cucchiara, into archival … Read more