Welcome to Green-Wood’s World War II Project

Bio Search Click here to share the story of someone you know who took part in World War II. To mark the 80th anniversary of the United States’ entry into World War II, we are proud to announce the Green-Wood World War II Project. The goal? To honor the memories of individuals who served this … Read more

Biographies of World War I Veterans: Abel – Isdell

INTRODUCTORY NOTE (Click here for the second half of entries, Jackson-Zarick) Bio Search World War I, also called the First World War, the Great War, and the War to End All Wars, began in Europe in 1914. But it was not until April 6, 1917—100 years ago—that the United States Congress declared war against Germany. … Read more

Biographies of World War I Veterans: Jackson – Zarick

Please see the INTRODUCTORY NOTE at the beginning of the companion document that contains the World War I biographies covering the first section of the alphabet. Bio Search JACKSON, CHARLES WALTER (1885-1922). Second lieutenant, American Expeditionary Forces, Aero Squadron. Jackson was born in New York City. The 1910 census shows that he lived on Avenue … Read more

Civil War Biographies: A-Baird

ABBE, WALTER (1841-1924). Private, 37th Regiment, New York State National Guard, Company F. A New York City native, Abbe was first educated in private schools, then attended public schools until 1856, when he entered the Free Academy of New York City from which he graduated in 1862. During the Civil War, he enlisted as a … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Introduction

Since 2002, hundreds of volunteers have worked in Green-Wood’s Civil War Project and have identified over 5,000 people interred at Green-Wood who played a role in the Civil War. Volunteers identified these individuals, located their graves, wrote their biographies, did follow-up research on them, and rewrote those biographies. We now share these biographies with you. … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Baker-Benson

BAKER, BENJAMIN F. (1842-1901). Private, 102nd New York Infantry Company C. A native of Long Island, New York, Baker enlisted as a private and mustered into his company on December 4, 1861, at Camp Hillhouse, New York. On July 18, 1864, he was listed as absent for sickness. He was absent when his company mustered … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Berdan-Boesen

BERDAN, WILLIAM (1841-1900). Private, 9th New York Infantry, Company F. A native New Yorker, he enlisted there on April 23, 1861, as a private. On May 4, he mustered into the 9th New York Infantry where he served until he mustered out at New York City on May 20, 1863. He applied for a pension … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Boettner-Broas

BOETTNER (or BATTNER, BOETNER), GUSTAVE (or GUSTAV) A. (1843-1907). Private, Captain Kowald’s Independent Illinois Volunteers; sergeant, 134th Illinois Infantry, Company I. A resident of Chicago, Boettner first served in a company of Captain Kowald’s Independent Illinois Volunteers for three months in 1861. Subsequently, he re-enlisted as a private on May 11, 1864, mustered into the … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Brock-Caine

BROCK, THOMAS (1824-1885). Corporal, 173rd New York Infantry, Company A. Born in England, Brock enlisted at Brooklyn as a corporal on September 4, 1862, mustered into the 173rd New York on October 30, and mustered out on October 18, 1865, at Savannah, Georgia. Brock applied for and received an invalid pension in 1876, certificate 176,461, … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Calhoun-Chin

CALHOUN, ALFRED ROCHEFORT (or A.R.) (1844-1912). Major, unknown Kentucky Union regiment. Calhoun, who was born in Kentucky, joined a Kentucky Union regiment at the onset of the Civil War and served until he end of the hostilities, despite sustaining two serious wounds, capture and imprisonment at Libby Prison in Richmond, Virginia. While imprisoned, he took part … Read more