Civil War Biographies: Boettner-Broas

BOETTNER (or BATTNER, BOETNER), GUSTAVE (or GUSTAV) A. (1843-1907). Private, Captain Kowald’s Independent Illinois Volunteers; sergeant, 134th Illinois Infantry, Company I. A resident of Chicago, Boettner first served in a company of Captain Kowald’s Independent Illinois Volunteers for three months in 1861. Subsequently, he re-enlisted as a private on May 11, 1864, mustered into the … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Brock-Caine

BROCK, THOMAS (1824-1885). Corporal, 173rd New York Infantry, Company A. Born in England, Brock enlisted at Brooklyn as a corporal on September 4, 1862, mustered into the 173rd New York on October 30, and mustered out on October 18, 1865, at Savannah, Georgia. Brock applied for and received an invalid pension in 1876, certificate 176,461, … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Calhoun-Chin

CALHOUN, ALFRED ROCHEFORT (or A.R.) (1844-1912). Major, unknown Kentucky Union regiment. Calhoun, who was born in Kentucky, joined a Kentucky Union regiment at the onset of the Civil War and served until he end of the hostilities, despite sustaining two serious wounds, capture and imprisonment at Libby Prison in Richmond, Virginia. While imprisoned, he took part … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Chinnock-Collins

CHINNOCK, CHARLES EDWARD (1845-1915). Rank unknown, 47th Regiment, New York State Militia, Company A; second class fireman, United States Navy. Born in London, England, his family immigrated to the United States in 1848 and originally settled in Connecticut. Chinnock’s pension record indicates that he used the aliases Frank Watts and Charles E. Eaton and that … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Colman-Constantine

COLMAN (or  COLEMAN), WILLIAM DEAN (1827-1862). Major, 6th Missouri Infantry. Colman, who was born in Massachusetts and served in the Mexican War, was commissioned into the 6th Missouri Infantry’s Field and Staff in 1862. On June 14, 1862, Brigadier General David S. Stanley, United States Army, commended Major Colman for his “cheerful and constant assistance” … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Cook-Corrigan

COOK, GEORGE (1841-1897). Corporal, 103rd New York Infantry, Companies D and C. Originally from England, Cook enlisted on February 24, 1862, at New York City, as a private. He mustered into Company D of the 103rd New York Infantry on that same day. He re-enlisted into the same company as a private on February 27, … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Corson-Culbert

CORSON, BENJAMIN F. (1842-1905). Private, 139th New York Infantry, Company A. A New Yorker by birth, Corson enlisted at Brooklyn as a private on August 28, 1862, and mustered into the 139th New York on September 9. As per his obituary in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, he was wounded several times, the worst of which … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Cullen-Decatur

CULLEN, EDGAR MONTGOMERY (1843-1922). Colonel, 96th New York Infantry; first lieutenant, 1st Infantry, United States Army. Cullen was born in Brooklyn and attended the Kinderhook Academy. His father was a prominent physician and his mother was the sister of a Brooklyn judge, Alexander McCue. After graduating from Columbia College in 1860 and attending Rensselaer Polytechnic … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Decker-Detweiler

DECKER, HENRY S. (1833-1869). Second lieutenant, 8th New York Infantry, Company G. Decker was born in New York. After enlisting at New York City as a second lieutenant, he was commissioned into the 8th New York on April 23, 1861, and mustered out on August 2 of that year at New York City. The Mortuary … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Deuschle-Dunbar

DEUSCHLE (or DEUSCHLER), JACOB (1834-1877). Wagoner, 39th New York Infantry, Company C; private, 3rd New York Infantry, Company K. Born in Würremburg, Germany, he immigrated to the United States in 1853. He enlisted as a private at New York City on May 12, 1861, and mustered into the 39th New York, also known as the … Read more