March 27: James Harper

March 27: On this date in 1869, James Harper, one of the Harper & Brothers of publishing fame (now HarperCollins), and who served as Know-Nothing New York City mayor, died.

March 23: Richard Anthony Proctor

March 23: Richard Anthony Proctor was born in England on this date in 1837. He became an accountant but then pursued his true love, astronomy, lecturing on it throughout the world. His gravestone at Green-Wood bears two stars.

March 22: Maggie Mitchell

March 22: Actress Maggie Mitchell, who had been rumored to be a girlfriend of Lincoln-assassin John Wilkes Booth, and whose photograph was found in Booth’s wallet as he lay dying, died on this day in 1919.

March 21: Richard Auchmuty

March 21: Civil War officer Richard Auchmuty, who was brevetted colonel for gallantry at Gettysburg and who partnered with James Renwick Jr. as an architect, buried his amputated leg at Green-Wood on this date in 1893; he joined his leg at Green-Wood on November 3 of that year.