The Arch

  Winter 2014 [pdf height=”1210px”][/pdf]     Winter/Spring 2013 Inside this issue: Green-Wood’s 175th anniversary, Sandy hammers Green-Wood, Angel of Music sculpture, 2012 benefit, and more. Click here to download a PDF of the issue.   Spring/Summer 2012 Inside this issue: The Weir Greenhouse purchase, Historic Fund art collection growth, Monitor launch 150th anniversary, and … Read more

Finally Spring!

Well, it wasn’t easy getting through this long and cold winter. But, spring has finally arrived at Green-Wood. Spring–a time of rebirth, a time of bloom, a time of life, renewed and restored. So, a few photographs of one of the real pleasures at Green-Wood: our earliest spring blooms. Undoubtedly, just a few days further … Read more

Happy 173rd Birthday, Jim!

Tuesday, April 15, was a rainy and windy day. Winter trying to slide back in for a final run. It was a good day to finish up your taxes. But it was an even better day to honor America’s first baseball hero, James Creighton. It was Jim’s 173rd birthday. So, who was this James Creighton? … Read more

April 15: Titanic Sinks

April 15: In 1912, on this date, the RMS Titanic, a magnificent passenger liner that was thought to be unsinkable, sank; just over 1500 people, including passengers William Augustus Spencer and Wycoff Vanderhoef, lost their lives.

April 14: Laura Keene

April 14: On this date in 1865, actress Laura Keene was on stage at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C., when President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

April 12: John Brooks Henderson

April 12: On this date in 1913, John Brooks Henderson, who insisted on co-sponsoring the 13th Amendment outlawing slavery as a U.S. Senator from Missouri, and was never elected to office again, died.