Uncovering Long-Lost Stories at Green-Wood

Author, historian and storyteller Ben Feldman has been in love with New York City history for as long as he can remember. Utilizing Green-Wood’s historical resources, he has discovered long-forgotten characters whose colorful stories he delights in telling. Like the story of preeminent Dr. Harvey Burdell, who was gruesomely murdered by his lover in 1857, or the lurid story of Roaring Twenties playboy Edward Browning and his underage mistress Frances “Peaches” Heenan.

Now comes the mysterious rags-to-riches story of Brooklyn industrialist Henry Knight Dyer whose pocket-size diary dated 1870, discovered by Feldman, was the irresistible catalyst for his latest investigation.

For anyone who’s mesmerized by personal histories and their little-known details, come learn how Feldman uncovers long-lost stories and how you can too.

This event has two parts, with separate tickets for each part:

  1. A free talk by Ben Feldman in the historic Green-Wood chapel.
  2. A trolley tour immediately following the talk that will visit the gravesites of Burdell, Browning, Dyer and many more. Tickets are $15 for members of the Green-Wood Historic Fund and $20 for non-members.

Seating is limited for both the talk and the trolley tour, and reservations are recommended.

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