Sandy Hammers Green-Wood

Well, it wasn’t pretty.

With 8,000 trees, Green-Wood was quite an attractive target for Hurricane Sandy. And Sandy, with her big winds, was not kind. In all, 150 of Green-Wood’s trees were destroyed. And, just days after the storm, we estimate that well in excess of 100 monuments were damaged–that toll may go higher as trees are removed and more damage is uncovered.

If you would like to make a contribution to our recovery efforts–the removal of uprooted and broken trees and branches, and the restoration of damaged monuments, please click here.

Here are photographs of some of the damage:

This old beech knocked the granite obelisk off its base and then landed on that base.
This tree, like many others, was uprooted. The Smart Car gives you a sense of the size of this tree.
This marble monument, about 150 years old, stands just in front of the Beard Bear (seen in the background). The Lloyd Angel lost its head and left arm when it was hit by falling branches. We were able to recover the pieces; it will now be up to our Restoration Team to put this angel back together.
This tree splintered and knocked the obelisk off its base; somehow, the obelisk managed to remain upright.
When this monument was struck by a falling tree, it was knocked into pieces.
This iron fence was crushed by the very large Maple near the Civil War Soldiers' Lot as it uprooted and crashed down. For years the Red-Tailed Hawks had their nest in this tree.
This tree--much of which had been removed by the time this photograph was taken--came crashing down in front of, and on top of, the Felzmann Tomb.
A scene of devastation along Cypress Avenue--I counted 7 trees in just over a block's distance that had been uprooted or had had their crowns snapped off. This area is flat land, close to the hills of the terminal moraine--there was tremendous damage along this road, perhaps because the change in typography intensified the winds here.

And two more:

This old Cherry tree was blown over, landing on a mausoleum.
This Norway Maple splintered in several directions, knocking down part of the iron fence near Green-Wood's Fort Hamilton Parkway entrance.

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