National Sculpture Society Sculptors of Green-Wood

Green-Wood is proud to be the home of a significant body of sculpture created by members of the prestigious National Sculpture Society (NSS).  Click play below to view a photo slideshow of many of these works (more info on Flickr here), and then scroll down to read a list of the eminent artists behind them.

Henry Kirke Brown, FNSS, DeWitt Clinton Statue and bas-reliefs; William S. Packer Statue; Marion Cozzens Memorial marble bas-relief.

Daniel Chester French, FNSS, “Frankie” marble statue of young boy .

John Quincy Adams Ward, FNSS, Hiram and William Fogg Memorial marble bas-relief portraits.

Augustus Saint-Gaudens, FNSS, David Stewart Tomb (Stanford White, architect) bronze angel bas-reliefs (restored by the Saved In Time program); Saint-Gaudens Family gravestone also restored by The Green-Wood Historic Fund.

Frederick Wellington Ruckstuhl, FNSS, Minerva Statue / “Altar to Liberty” bronze statue.

Solon Borglum, FNSS, Charles Schieren Memorial, Azrael / ”Angel of Death” bronze statue (part of the Saved In Time program).

Charles Calverley,FNSS , Elias Howe Jr. Memorial bronze bust (part of the Saved In Time program); Horace Greeley bronze bust; “Precious Georgie” marble bas-relief.

Dan Ostermiller, (b. 1956) FNSS, New sculpture at Green-Wood, “L’ours” (“The Bear”) bronze statue for the William Holbrook Beard Memorial, installed in 2002 and “Little Bear” bronze statues, part of The Green-Wood Historic Fund collection.

Stanford White, Member, Abram S. Hewitt monument, former exterior collumn at Tiffany & Co.’s 408 5th Avenue, NYC location.

Glenna Goodacre, (b. 1939) FNSS, The Irish Famine Memorial bronze cross.

Martin Eichinger, (b. 1949) NSS, Cross My Heart bronze, part of The Green-Wood Historic Fund collection.

Chester Beach, FNSS, plaster bust of Peter Cooper, part of The Green-Wood Historic Fund collection.

John Terken, FNSS and Wilhelm Hunt Diederich, Humanity of Man Before a Group of Ageless Animals, bronze.

Frederick Hart, FNSS, Firebird, bronze; Veil of Light, bronze; Passage, lucite, part of The Green-Wood Historic Fund collection.

In 1893, leading U.S. sculptors and architects, such as Daniel Chester French, Augustus St. Gaudens, J.Q.A. Ward, Richard Morris Hunt and Stanford White, founded the National Sculpture Society to “spread the knowledge of good sculpture” throughout the country.  Since the late nineteenth century through today, NSS members have created many of this country’s memorials, coins, medals and public monuments.  Through it programs, Sculpture Review magazine, grants and exhibitions, NSS supports the evolving tradition in American sculpture.

Photos: Aaron Brashear

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