Opening Day: Are You Ready for Some Baseball?

Well here we are. Not too much spring in the air. It’s not even April yet! But, it is indeed OPENING DAY–time for baseball. And, if you look closely, you’ll see that the harbingers of spring are indeed here: the trees are about to leaf out, the magnolias about to bloom–and the sound of bat against … Read more

April Birthdays

April–a great month to be born. Mothers giving birth in April avoid being pregnant during the summer. Babies born in April get to loll outside, enjoying the warmth of spring and summer, with no clue that winter is on its way. And, did I mention, my birthday is in April? Here are a few of … Read more

Brooklyn’s Poet Laureate: A Green-Wood Fan

Just a few weeks ago, Tina Chang was selected from 22 applicants to become Brooklyn’s latest poet laureate. Well, it turns out that Ms. Chang is good at more than poetry–she’s also very good at figuring out what is important. So, when recently interviewed for a piece on, “The Online Magazine for International Literature,” … Read more

National Sculpture Society Sculptors of Green-Wood

Green-Wood is proud to be the home of a significant body of sculpture created by members of the prestigious National Sculpture Society (NSS).  Click play below to view a photo slideshow of many of these works (more info on Flickr here), and then scroll down to read a list of the eminent artists behind them. … Read more

Chester Burger: An Amazing Man

Chester Burger, my good friend, died on Tuesday. He was 90 years old and had led a full life. When he learned, several months ago, that he had prostate cancer, he accepted his fate, and carried on with his life as best he could. He was a remarkable man: smart, articulate, inventive, spiritual. He loved … Read more

Happy Birthday, Manhattan’s Grid

De Witt Clinton (1769-1828) was truly a giant amongst men. After all, his nickname was “Magnus Apollo!” Clinton served New York City as its mayor, then New York State as United States Senator and Governor. He ran for President of the United States in 1812; had he carried Pennsylvania, a swing state that year, he … Read more

A Roosevelt Rough Rider

Born in New York State in 1873, Charles A. Armstrong, as a young college graduate, headed out to California to seek has fortune. He settled in San Jose, where he briefly co-owned a bicycle business. There, on New Years Eve, 1894, he married eighteen-year-old Alice Snitzer. In 1897, Charles was off to Arizona on a … Read more

Bullet That Killed Him–17 Years Later

Since 2007, our Civil War Project volunteers have been going through the cemetery’s chronological books, looking for men of appropriate age to have served in the Civil War. When they come across one, they fill out a form with the information for that individual: name, birthplace, late residence, place of death, age at time of … Read more

“Civic Virtue”

Since the 1850s, Green-Wood Cemetery has been a sculpture garden. Back then, there was little if any public sculpture in New York City or Brooklyn. If you wanted to see sculpture, you went off to Green-Wood to see it. And that tradition of Green-Wood as sculpture garden has continued: in 2002, we added the bronze … Read more

Green-Wood Artist, Inspired By Other Green-Wood Artists

Since its founding, Green-Wood Cemetery has inspired artists with the magnificence of its grounds. The gravestones, sculptures, vistas, trees, blooms, and gardens have all moved artists to do what they do best: create their art. David Listokin is an artist within this tradition. David, a trained artist, attended the performance of “Angels and Accordions” last … Read more