All Polished Up

The Green-Wood Historic Fund’s Restoration and Preservation Program is truly cutting edge. No other cemetery in America has as active and as wide-reaching a program. Headed by Frank Morelli, it has rebuilt entire monuments with pieces dug out of the ground or molded as needed. It has restored wings and hands to angels. It has cleaned and polished. Frank Morelli, the leader of Green-Wood’s Restoration and Preservation Program, used a mold to create two eagles for the monument to Civil War Major General George Crockett Strong.

5 thoughts on “All Polished Up”

  1. What an amazing transformation. Does Green-Wood plan to restore all of its more interesting bronze (metal) doorways or is it dependent on the costs or the prominence/significance of the monument?

    Beautiful work.

  2. I think, like anything else, it is a matter of priorities–how good is the work on the door, what is its location (how many people are likely to see it), and how much will work on it improve its appearance. Yes, quite a change.

    -Jeff Richman


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