“A Widow’s Mite”

Benjamin Feldman is one of Green-Wood’s most ardent enthusiasts. For many years, Ben spent a good deal of his free time cataloguing Green-Wood’s collections. Inspired by Green-Wood stories, he wrote Butchery on Bond Street: Sexual Politics and The Burdell-Cunningham Case in Antebellum New York (2007) (the story of the Dr. Harvey Burdell and Emma Cunningham, … Read more

A Few Odds and Ends . . .

Ben Feldman is a great Green-Wood fan. Fascinated by history, he finds many of the subjects of his research and writing at Green-Wood. So, he wrote about Dr. Harvey Burdell and the woman who stood trial and was acquitted of his murder in 1857, Emma Cunningham, in Butchery on Bond Street. And, his book, Call … Read more

A Night At Niblo’s Garden

It was a picnic. But it was so much more. It was entertainment under the stars, but even more than that. It was “A Night At Niblo’s Garden.” William Niblo, who now rests at Green-Wood, was a great impresario of the first half of the 19th century in New York City. He lies in a … Read more

“Open ‘Houses'” 2012

What a very special Green-Wood weekend! This year, for the 10th year in a row, The Green-Wood Historic Fund took part in openhousenewyork, a celebration of architecture and design in the Big Apple. But this year was different. Last year, for the very first time in Green-Wood’s long history (174 years and counting), we opened … Read more

Seeing Green-Wood In a New Way

This Saturday and Sunday, volunteers, in character and costume, will fan out across Green-Wood’s grounds to present a production like no other: “Open ‘Houses.” Last year, for the first time, the Green-Wood Historic Fund opened up many of its mausoleums to the public for the first time. For the blog post on that weekend, click … Read more

A Green-Wood Summer Respite, In Days of Yore.

Ben Feldman is fascinated by Green-Wood’s permanent residents. He has written two books, both of which were about individuals who lie at Green-Wood: Butchery on Bond Street: Sexual Politics and the Burdell-Cunningham Case in Ante-bellum New York, and Call Me Daddy: Babes and Bathos in Edward West Browning’s Jazz Age New York. Ben blogs as … Read more

Going Back To Our Roots

It is never easy to kill a tree. But sometimes it is a good idea. For several months now, I’ve been working with Elizabeth Christian, our intern extraordinaire, on Then and Now photographs of Green-Wood. We thought it would be interesting to gather historic 19th century images of the cemetery, then go out and take … Read more