Halloween Comes Twice Every Year

I’ve been leading tours at Green-Wood Cemetery since 1990. So, if my math is right, that’s 21 years worth of tours. And I’ve been leading Halloween tours of Green-Wood for about 15 years. It will come as no surprise to you: cemetery tours on Halloween are a big draw. So, each year since about 1995 or so, I’ve done two Halloween tours on the weekend before Halloween.

Angels Off To Heaven

It was quite a day. The seventh annual, and final, performance of “Angels and Accordions,” choreographed by Martha Bowers of Dance Theatre Etc., and co-designed by Green-Wood Cemetery historian Jeff Richman, took place across the rolling Green-Wood hills on October 9.


It was time to party last night: The Green-Wood Historic Fund’s third annual gala. Unfortunately, apparently Mother Nature didn’t get the memo, and she launched quite an assault of wind and rain. But our partygoers were not to be deterred–and a great time was had by all. This gala will be remembered for many years–and … Read more

Green-Wood By Moonlight

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to walk Green-Wood Cemetery at night. I’ll be leading Saturday Night by Moonlight, Flashlight, and Footlights on Saturday, May 22, starting at 8:15 p.m. If all goes as planned, we’ll see a great sunset from up on Green-Wood’s hills, and then I’ll lead you through the cemetery. We’ll have … Read more