“Guide to New York City Urban Landscapes”

An exciting new book has just been published: “Guide to New York City Urban Landscapes.” It is by Francis Morrone and Robin Lynn, with photographs by Edward A. Toran. The foreword is by Pete Hamill. It features Green-Wood on its cover, an introduction by Green-Wood’s president, Richard Moylan, and a tour of Green-Wood. In all, … Read more

Historic Fund Benefit A Hit

Last night, almost 200 people gathered at Green-Wood for the 4th annual Historic Fund benefit. And it rained. Which, of course, was better than last year’s tornado. As the rain came down, one wag suggested that next year’s benefit be held in Texas, so that we might end the drought there. But, despite the rain, … Read more


The Green-Wood Historic Fund does many wonderful things. It restores monuments and tombs. It brings authors to Green-Wood to talk about their books. It offers a full schedule of tours and events. And it does much more. It deserves your support. Here’s your chance to help and to enjoy a great evening. On Thursday evening, … Read more