From Vicksburg to Brooklyn

Henry Slocum (1827-1894) led quite a life. He was quite prominent during the Civil War. He wasn’t a Union general megastar like Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, or Meade. But he was a general who played an important role. Early on, he fought at the Battles of First and Second Bull Run, Virginia; South Mountain and Antietam, … Read more

A Closer Look

Richard Upjohn was a pioneering American architect. In the 1840’s, he designed Trinity Church, which stands at Broadway and Wall Street, . He was the first president of the American Institute of Architects. He also was Green-Wood Cemetery’s chosen architect of the mid-nineteenth century, designing the Arches at the grand entrance to the cemetery (the … Read more

Edward, Your Legacy Lives

Friday morning I entered the cemetery at the Fort Hamilton Parkway entrance, and walked across Green-Wood to our offices. It was drizzling, good cemetery weather, and it was a treat to wander the quiet grounds. As I got near the Catacombs, I reached the grave of Edward Anthony. Now, I know he is a rather … Read more