Green-Wood Collects: A John McComb Daguerreotype

Though largely forgotten today, John McComb (1763-1853) was one of New York’s most prominent early architects. His credits include several important buildings still standing two centuries later: New York City’s City Hall, Gracie Mansion, Alexander Hamilton’s Grange, as well as the Montauk and Eaton’s Neck Lighthouses. To learn more about McComb, go to the wonderful … Read more

A Few Odds and Ends . . .

Ben Feldman is a great Green-Wood fan. Fascinated by history, he finds many of the subjects of his research and writing at Green-Wood. So, he wrote about Dr. Harvey Burdell and the woman who stood trial and was acquitted of his murder in 1857, Emma Cunningham, in Butchery on Bond Street. And, his book, Call … Read more

Then And Now, In The Neighborhood

Ben Feldman, our volunteer extraordinaire, has been cataloguing our Historic Fund collections for years. Ben occasionally takes time off from cataloguing to blog, research, and write books. And, he gives talks also. If you would like to join Ben this Saturday at Green-Wood, to hear his tales of research (“Uncovering Long-Lost Stories: Digging Dirt At … Read more