Battle of Brooklyn, 236 Years Later

Our annual Battle of Brooklyn commemoration was bigger and better than ever this year. On Sunday, August 26, we commemorated the 236th anniversary of the Battle of Brooklyn (the battle was fought on August 27, 1776)–and it was a wonderful day all around. The Battle of Brooklyn, a good deal of which was fought across … Read more

Minerva: Facing What?

On August 27, 1920, the 144th anniversary of the Battle of Brooklyn, the first battle of the American Revolution after the Declaration of Independence was issued and the largest battle of that war, a bronze sculpture of Minerva was unveiled on Green-Wood’s Battle Hill. Battle Hill was a key point in the Battle of Brooklyn–a … Read more

Hurricane Irene Rains On Our Parade

This Sunday was to have been our big Battle of Brooklyn commemoration. A great Battle of Brooklyn trolley tour with Barnet Schecter, author of The Battle for New York (now out of print–but I bought about 30 copies that I had hoped to sell) and yours truly has been sold out for weeks. Then re-enactors … Read more

The Battle is Joined!

It is no coincidence that part of the Battle of Brooklyn was fought across the grounds that would become Green-Wood Cemetery. The men who chose this land as the place for their rural cemetery–Henry E. Pierrepont, the Brooklyn leader who pushed for its creation, and engineer David Bates Douglas, who would go on to design … Read more

Battle of Brooklyn-234 Years Later

The Battle of Brooklyn was a big deal. Occurring on August 27, 1776, just weeks after the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, it was the first battle of the new nation. And, as it developed, it was the largest battle of the entire Revolutionary War in terms of soldiers gather on or about the … Read more