Bugging Out!

At least 950 species—and counting—of insects and spiders have been sighted in Green-Wood. (A number we have thanks to the observations of citizen scientists on iNaturalist!) Herbivores and carnivores, pollinators and parasites, beneficial and detrimental, beautiful and, sometimes, frightening—the Cemetery’s smallest, most ephemeral life-forms provide a fascinating wealth of learning opportunities. Price: $25, and $20 ... Read more

I cannot not grieve: CRY SCREAM SHOUT SING

Presented in Partnership with More Art I cannot not grieve: CRY SCREAM SHOUT SING, a newly commissioned performance by multidisciplinary artist Freya Powell, draws upon the Sophoclean character of Elektra and a Greek chorus to recognize the experience of ambiguous loss as a means to counter the statistic-based records of the COVID-19 pandemic. The performance ... Read more