April 23: Anne Leah Fox

April 23: In 1863, on this date, Spiritualism, which had been invigorated by the Fox family’s “Rochester Rappings” (and the subsequent promotion by Anne Leah Fox of seances with her sisters Kate and Margaret), achieved a new high when a seance was held in the White House with President Abraham Lincoln, Mary Todd Lincoln, and several cabinet members

April 22: Abraham Vosburgh

April 22: On this date in 1861, as the Civil War was beginning, Colonel Abraham Vosburgh led the 71st New York State Militia to Washington, D.C., to defend the nation’s capital against Confederate attack.

April 20: Henry Chadwick

April 20: Henry Chadwick, “The Father Of Baseball” who created the scoring system that is still in use today (for example, 6-4-3 for a play from the shortstop to the second baseman to the first baseman) emerged from a coma on this date in 1908, asked if his beloved Dodgers had won, was told they had lost, and died.

In Memoriam: Captain Richard V.W. Thorne, Jr.

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April 15: Titanic Sinks

April 15: In 1912, on this date, the RMS Titanic, a magnificent passenger liner that was thought to be unsinkable, sank; just over 1500 people, including passengers William Augustus Spencer and Wycoff Vanderhoef, lost their lives.