January 29: Polly Platt

January 29: Polly Platt, Hollywood producer, screenwriter, and production designer, who wrote the screenplay for “Pretty Baby” and was the production designer for “The Last Picture Show,” “Paper Moon,” and “What’s Up Doc,” was born on this date in 1939.

Antiques By Green-Wood’s Artists

Last week was Antiques Week in New York City. Antiques shows were everywhere! So, being a fan of such things, I thought I would take a day off from my work as the historian at Green-Wood to check out the shows. My first stop was the Armory Show at the 69th Regiment Armory–26th Street and … Read more

January 28: Samuel Chester Reid

January 28: Samuel Chester Reid, whose idea for changes to the American flag as new states were admitted to the Union (change the number of stars but maintain the 13 stripes) was adopted into law in 1818, died on this date in 1861.

January 25: George Francis Train

January 25: On this date in 1904, George Francis Train, a character if there ever was one, who went around the world in 90 days and became the model for Phineas Fogg, and who charged admission to his rallies during his 1872 presidential campaign (in which he got few votes but made much money), died.