A Dusting Of Snow . . .

We had our first snow of 2012 on Saturday–the first snow at Green-Wood since that historic snow at the end of October–when we got to see snow on the ground while trees were still in fall foliage. You can find photographs from that day here.

It was a very nice dusting–not a lot of snow, but enough to create some wonderful scenes. Enjoy!

De Witt Clinton, looking a bit cold.
A small angel, carved in a fine slate by Karin Sprague just a few years ago.
The Beard Bear is a treat in all seasons and all lighting conditions. Here he (or is it she?) looks particularly pensive.
Green-Wood's Historic Chapel. I particularly like the snow on the sculpted evergreen in the right foreground.
De Witt Clinton, full length. Hope his books didn't get soggy . . .
New York City's Civil War Soldiers' Monument on Battle Hill.
The Infantryman on guard, unflinching.
Up the stairs to the Civil War Soldiers' Monument, with flags and grasses adding color.
One of the gargoyles on The Soda Fountain King's monument. I got lucky here; a wind came up and took the snow that was sitting on the top of the gargoyle off to the right, just as I was shooting, to give this image some movement.



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