Blooming Into Winter

Winter starts tomorrow. But perhaps our Bearded Irises haven’t gotten the memo. An iris variety called “Feed Back,” they are out there, to the right of Green-Wood’s main entrance gate as you enter, still blooming away. These are rebloomers–their show in the spring is a bit less than most irises–but they rebloom in the fall–and … Read more

Civic Virtue At Green-Wood

After much effort, and some controversy, Civic Virtue, Frederick MacMonnies’s sculpture from the 1920s, has arrived, and been installed, at Green-Wood. It was a long journey. Civic Virtue was carved in marble in the Bronx. It was then installed in City Hall Park in Manhattan. Soon it was exiled to Queens, where, exposed to the … Read more

Help Has Arrived!

Since Hurricane Sandy hit, Green-Wood’s grounds crew has been working overtime to fix the place up: first the roads were cleared, then it was time to cut up the destroyed trees and repair the broken monuments. But there is a tremendous amount of work still to be done; the clean-up is not expected to be … Read more