Open “Houses” at Green-Wood

October 15, 2011

Green-Wood Cemetery
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500 25th Street, Brooklyn, United States, 11232

Saturday and Sunday, October 15 and 16, 2011

Click here to download a PDF map of the open “houses” on Saturday and Sunday.

For a preview of the event on our blog, click here.

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What is behind these doors? Join us on October 15 and 16 to find out.
Half will be open on Saturday, the other half on Sunday.

Openhousenewyork, featuring free access to New York City’s best architectural features, began in 2003. And Green-Wood has participated in it annually since then, with a great performance across the grounds of music and dance, “Angels and Accordions.”

But this year, on Saturday, October 15, and Sunday, October 16, we have something very different and exciting planned for openhousenewyork.

We will open up some of Green-Wood’s most interesting and elaborate tombs, many of which never before have been open to the public.

Each visitor will be given a map of the locations of the open tombs. You may walk out to the tombs: they will be grouped on each day, with the tombs closest to Green-Wood’s main gates open on Saturday and those farther out open on Sunday. And, our trolley will circulate to each of the open tombs, providing easy access.

On Saturday, The Catacombs, our Historic Chapel, and six family tombs will be open; tentatively Chauncey (many of you may remember it as the wonderfully-lit backdrop for the recent “Spoon River” theatrical performance), Durant (with three sculptures by John Moffitt and an amazing granite door), Van Ness-Parsons (a pyramid), Anderson (a Greek Revival tomb, dated 1864), Acea (see below for photographs), and Morgan.

On Sunday, we plan to open The Catacombs, Historic Chapel, and Feltman, Mott (Dr. Valentine Mott was the greatest surgeon in the world in the 1850s), Whitney (one of the richest families in America), Bourne (where lies the president of Singer Sewing Machine, and which was designed by Ernest Flagg, a prominent architect), Garrison (a great Moorish Revival tomb), Niblo (on Crescent Water, with several pieces of sculpture), and Steinway (the pianomakers, and the largest tomb at Green-Wood, with room for 256 interments).

The FREE access to the cemetery grounds will include maps of the locations (PDF download here) as well as “hop on, hop off” service on Green-Wood’s trolley from noon to 4:00 p.m. on both days.

Reservations are encouraged but are not necessary. Please fill out the Eventbrite widget below to place your reservation online.


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