Good Night Irene . . .

Well, with 7,000 trees, many of which hang over monuments and tombs, it could have been a lot worse.

Here are a few photographs, taken by Assistant Superintendent Danny Rodgriguez yesterday and today, of fallen trees. Danny reports that there also was some damage to monuments.


With the ground saturated from recent rains, the uprooting of root balls seems to have been the primary danger.
Many branches and leaves were blown down.
This large branch just missed these monuments.
A tree uprooted near McDonald Avenue.
A cemetery road blocked by a fallen tree.

UPDATE: Here’s one more, taken by Vice President for Operations Ken Taylor. This tree fell over on Sunday night.

Notice that the tree hit that granite stone pretty hard--you can see the damage to the tree at the point of impact. But granite, as we noted recently, is a very hard rock: "Granite is forever."

UPDATE: The clean-up continues. One of the leaders on the chestnut tree behind the Anderson Tomb on Battle Avenue came down, just missing a marble monument. Here the tree is being sawn in pieces and removed.

Domenec Crescente is part of a specially-trained crew at Green-Wood that works on tree removal. With 8,000 trees across the grounds, they keep very busy.

2 thoughts on “Good Night Irene . . .”

  1. thanks for sharing the pics of my beloved greenwood.
    i’m thankful the damage wasn’t worse.
    wish i was there to see for myself, but i’ll have all of eternity…


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