You Can See De Forest for De Trees

This is another entry in the Green-Wood-connections-are-everywhere file.

So, we go out for lunch in Santa Barbara, California, and can’t quite figure out how to get into the selected restaurant. Finally it occurs to us that access is through Sullivan Goss, An American Gallery. And who do you think is the featured artist in the gallery? Why, none other than Lockwood DeForest, who, or course, in interred at Green-Wood Cemetery, in section 12, lot 2890. DeForest was not just a painter; he was also a partner with Louis Comfort Tiffany in the Associated Artists, a design firm committed to introducing art to American homes in the 1880s. Above is the central panel of the gallery display. For more on De Forest, please go to the Sullivan Goss website. Oh, and by the way, the food in the restaurant behind the gallery was very good.

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