Restoration Project Photo Galleries

Green-Wood staff meticulously document the restoration and preservation processes for monuments around the cemetery. Restoration can be as simple as cleaning an existing monument, uncovering a lost monument from the ground or full restoration and fabrication of broken or missing monument pieces.

Click here for more on the Saved in Time program’s completed and ongoing restoration projects, and click here for more about other Green-Wood restoration projects.

In 2009, Green-Wood’s Manager of Preservation and Restoration Frank Morelli, and his team members Bogdan Kubiszewski and Felix Hernandez, chose to restore selected stone and bronze pieces over the course of 2009 as a challenge to Green-Wood’s restoration department.

Green-Wood President Richard J. Moylan picked out a few bronze mausoleum doors and plaques throughout the Cemetery for the department to work on. After a little homework and research, Morelli and the department found basic patinas for the weathered metal, then tackled the new type of project. At right are photos of some of the stunning results (click Show Info at the top for photo captions; full screen slideshow on Flickr here).
The Green-Wood Restoration and Preservation staff work on a wide range of projects, some as simple cleaning of monuments and others as complex as recreating sculptural and structural items of the monuments from scratch. At right is a gallery of before and after images of some of the recent projects the staff has completed (click Show Info at the top for photo captions; full screen slideshow on Flickr here).

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