Burial Options

Burial Options

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At need, in-ground burial sites are available in specific locations throughout the Cemetery. These new gravesites are located in and among older historic burial sites, blending with the pastoral landscape of Green-Wood Cemetery and providing families with a unique connection to the past.

Above-ground burial, a choice once reserved for the wealthy, is now available to our families at prices comparable to that for in-ground burial.

Families who prefer above-ground burial may select a crypt from one of Green-Wood’s elegant community mausoleums, including our new Hillside Mausoleum IV. A complete selection of crypts including single, double, companion, couch or family style crypts are available. Beautifully appointed meditation areas are available throughout all of our buildings.

From Green-Wood’s latest Hillside Mausoleum, a dramatic glass structure built into the side of a hill, to our smaller Garden and Crestview Mausoleums, Green-Wood offers a variety of above-ground interment options.

Our experienced counselors can help with questions, concerns and decisions. For more information regarding Green-Wood’s community mausoleums, please call the Green-Wood Cemetery sales office at 718.768.7300, e-mail us at sales@green-wood.com or fill out our Request Info form.

Hillside I-III, Garden, Indoor & Crestview Mausoleums

The Green-Wood Cemetery’s Community and Garden Mausoleums offer the beauty of marble, granite and limestone, built for the ages. Tasteful interior decor ensures a respectful and serene atmosphere.

For your convenience, we offer a time payment plan, interest free for three years. For those desiring a more flexible payment program, terms of up to 60 months are available at a moderate finance charge.

Families are invited to honor their loved ones through Green-Wood’s unique Forever Flowers program.

Hillside IV Mausoleum: The Latest Contemporary Choice in Above-Ground Burial

A dramatic, modern work of architecture nestled in the slope of a hillside. Cascading shingles of glass sheath the front of the mausoleum, which overlooks the pastoral landscape of historic Green-Wood Cemetery. Skylights further unite indoor with outdoor, emerging from the hilltop to blend harmoniously with 19th-century memorials. This fourth and final phase of the Hillside project is a stunningly unique memorial site.

Intimate groupings of bentwood settees and club chairs encourage visitors to sit and meditate in peaceful comfort. Indian slate floors underlie sumptuous Tibetan wool carpets with natural motifs of water, bamboo and leaves.

Granite and marble crypts in warm hues of almond mauve, silver sea green and gold-flecked deep green are four high for a more personal reflective experience. Opaque or clear glass and “memory box” wood niches for cremated remains in the columbaria provide a choice of elegant memorialization options.

A five-story blue waterfall under each of two pyramid skylights ripples gently over an undulating surface before collecting in a water garden at its base. Reflecting pools offer a contemplative area at the mausoleum’s entryways. An airy Brazilian hardwood and steel interior stairway in each light-filled atrium unites ground floor with hilltop, intersecting Green-Wood’s Dawn Path at midway. A convenient elevator is also available. Tranquility awaits at each level.

Families are invited to honor their loved ones through Green-Wood’s unique Forever Flowers and Celestial Lights of Remembrance programs.

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