Now We Can See Their Faces

I recently came across a listing for an online auction for a half-plate daguerreotype photograph of Samuel E. Darling and his wife, Margaret Broadbent Darling. As per the listing, the seller had determined that they were married on August 4, 1851, and lived in New York City. Their identification was based on their names that … Read more

Thanks, Library of Congress

I am always looking for photographs of the 5,000 Civil War veterans and others who played a role in the war and are interred at Green-Wood. Their biographies went up on our website this past Memorial Day as a tribute to the men and women who sacrificed so much in defense of the Union. Those … Read more

Servant and Civil War Officer

I am always on the lookout for items pertaining to Green-Wood and/or its permanent residents. I look for such items online, at auction, in catalogues, and at shows. I came across this carte de visite photograph, taken during the Civil War, listed in a recent Cowan’s auction: And here’s the catalogue description: CDV of an … Read more

Where in the World is Anthony Berger?

Where has Anthony Berger gone? In the 1860s, Anthony Berger ran Mathew Brady’s Washington D.C. National Photographic Art Gallery. It was Berger who, during the Civil War, took some of the most famous portraits of President Abraham Lincoln. But, as noted in Mathew Brady and His World, “[c]amera operators came and went . . .” … Read more

“Photography and the American Civil War”

A landmark exhibition, “Photography and the American Civil War,” is now open at The Metropolitan Museum. Featuring 200 photographs, some classics, some obscure, the exhibition is spectacular. If you have any interest at all in photography and/or history, don’t miss it. Photography and the Civil War go hand in hand. Much of what we know … Read more