“William Merrit Chase–A Modern Master”

William Merritt Chase (1849-1916), who is interred at Green-Wood with his favorite model and wife, Alice Gerson Chase, was one of the giants of American painting. Chase was one of America’s, and the world’s, great painters of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He painted prolifically in a remarkable range of styles–from Old Master … Read more

What Was Lost Is Now Found

It is always good, after an almost thirty-year-search, to find what you have been looking for for all of that time. And, when that search is for masterpieces by one of Green-Wood’s permanent residents, who was one of the giants of American art, the multi-faceted artist John La Farge (1835-1910), I sit up and take … Read more

They’re Hot!

At a recent Weschler’s auction in Washington, D.C., Green-Wood’s permanent residents did very well. The top lot of the auction was “A Young Aspiring Sailor” by John George Brown (1831-1913), which soared to $192,950. A native of England, Brown studied painting there, then came to America in 1853 and settled in Brooklyn. There he continued … Read more

November Birthdays

November 1, 1849: William Merritt Chase, who was, perhaps, America’s greatest painter/teacher, led the movement to enhance appreciation of American artists and opened his own New York School of Art.