Mortality & Me: Green-Wood’s Book Club

In Partnership With Brooklyn Community Pride Center It can be difficult to engage in conversations about death: Will I say the wrong thing? Am I going to offend someone? Who wants to discuss morbid stuff anyway? Green-Wood’s book club, Mortality & Me, helps make death, dying, and end-of-life matters easier to talk about through compelling ... Read more

Show & Tale: My Favorite Thing—Kitchen Edition

Show & Tale is back! It’s like Antiques Roadshow but with storytelling, or a Death Cafe turned Pinterest board. Everyone is welcome to join in—just bring an object of your choosing and share your story about loss. No judges, no prizes, no pressure. And no need to practice! Just want to come and listen? Awesome! ... Read more

How to Talk to Kids About Death

How do we explain death and dying to our children? How much should they know and when?  Join Gabrielle Gatto, Green-Wood’s coordinator of public programs who holds a certificate in Thanatology, and Dr. Preeti Saigal, pediatric neuropsychologist, for an enlightening virtual conversation on the best practices for discussing death with children. Free. Registration required. Please ... Read more