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Event Series Mother


In her fifty-year career, Eiko Otake has often explored themes of loss. In Mother, through videos and sculpture, Otake talks to and dances with her mother, who died in 2019. It is one daughter and her mother’s personal story.

Arbor Day Street Tree Care

Street trees do some heavy lifting in our city: they intercept and absorb storm water runoff, filter the air, mitigate the effects of climate change,  help cool our neighborhoods, and are habitat to many wildlife that fill our streets with song and awe. However, growing on the streets of the city can be rough! Their ... Read more

Event Series Green-Wood After Hours

Green-Wood After Hours

Long after Green-Wood’s gates close to the public, explore its historic grounds under the cover of night. You’ll weave through the Cemetery’s stunning landscape and visit the graves of fascinating figures in New York and American history. This not-to-be-missed walking tour ends with a visit to the Catacombs, which are normally closed to the public. ... Read more