Miracle On The Seas

It had never been done before. In the 34th America’s Cup challenge series, for yachting supremacy, a competition that has been going on periodically for more than a century and a half, no yacht had ever come back after trailing 8-1 in races, to run off 8 consecutive triumphs and to win the cup 9-8. … Read more

September 27: Brown Family

September 27: In 1854, on this date, the ship Arctic, the largest and fastest ship on the seas, collided with the Vesta and sank on its voyage from England to New York City; many were lost, including 6 members of the Brown family; not a single woman or child survived.

September 25: George Steers

September 25: George Steers, designer of the yacht America, who piloted it to victory against England’s best in 1851, thereby making the competition to this day for yachting supremacy “the America’s Cup,” died on this date in 1856.

“Do-Good Green-Wood”

Back in April of last year, I led a tour of Green-Wood for a class of Cooper Union students. At the end of the tour, their instructor, Michael Dorsch, asked me to show them our display of 19th-century vault keys in our offices. I did so and the students were fascinated. In fact, I soon … Read more