Tiffany Window: Discovered, But Still Closeted

Two of Green-Wood’s permanent residents, Louis Comfort Tiffany and John La Farge, were pioneers of American stained glass in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Louis Comfort Tiffany, stained glass (and more) artist.

Tiffany and his studio were prolific–they so dominated stained glass lamp manufacturing that virtually any stained glass lamp, whether by Tiffany or someone else, is now referred to as a Tiffany lamp.

But Louis Comfort Tiffany never was very proud of his lamps–he saw them as a means of making some money from the scraps of glass left over from his stained glass windows. His windows were what he considered his real art.

Tiffany windows and lamps achieved great popularity a century ago. After falling out of style, they have re-emerged with great popularity. A Tiffany window is a very expensive piece today.

So, it is all the more remarkable that NY1 has just discovered a Tiffany window in Erasmus Hall High School. It turns out that the window was formerly in the school library, but at some point the library was converted into two classrooms, and the window wound up hidden in a closet.

The newly-discovered Tiffany window at Erasmus Hall High School.

The NY1 video report on the window and its discovery is here.

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