Open “Houses” A Home Run

We tried something new this year for openhousenewyork: opening up many of our tombs that had never before been opened to the public. And it was a huge hit. From big crowds–we had 2,000+ online reservations, plus hundreds of walk-ups–to enthusiastic attendees–just about everyone I spoke with seemed to be having a great time–to volunteers who told me repeatedly what fun they were having greeting our visitors–it was a great day.

So, here are some images from the weekend:

The Whitney Tomb was a tremendous hit. Visitors were fascinated by the underground vault, the removable floor stones, the mysterious symbols, the marble, stained glass, and iron work.
The Steinway Tomb, Green-Wood's largest, with room for 256 interments, had a constant flow of visitors.

What were visitors fascinated by? The tomb keys!

We have an amazing collection of mausolea keys at Green-Wood. Here are the keys to the Durant Tomb--the small key opens the iron gate, the large key opens the lock on the granite door.

And here are some of the great views inside the tombs:

Inside the Durant Tomb, gray and pink granite with great sculpture by John Moffitt.
And a detail of Moffitt's work.
A wonderful marble boy in Civil War Zouve uniform--likely Willie Anderson, who died in 1862--another great sculpture by John Moffitt.
Inside Niblo's Tomb, a marble sculpture of a child asleep, and an extraordinary floor with blue highlights.
Fine marble carving inside the Whitney Tomb.
Stained glass inside the Whitney Tomb.

Will we do it again? Would you like us to? Let’s hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Open “Houses” A Home Run”

  1. Yes, please do it again. It is amazing to see all of this artwork that is hidden away. So much history in one place. Love visiting Green Wood. We make the trip at least twice a year from the Jersey shore.


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