Greeting “The Greeter”

An enthusiastic crowd gathered this past Saturday to witness the unveiling of “The Greeter,” sculptor John Coleman’s gift to Green-Wood in honor of George Catlin, the father of art of the American West. For background on this event, go here. And you may read another entry about Catlin that has appeared in this blog here. … Read more

“Interior Of A Mandan Lodge”

George Catlin (1796-1872), who is interred at Green-Wood, devoted much of his life to painting American Indians and studying their customs. His art and his writing are a remarkable record of their culture and traditions. On December 1, 2011, this painting by Catlin, “Interior Of A Mandan Lodge,” consigned by the Field Museum in Chicago … Read more

The Obamas’ Taste in Art

Today’s New York Times reports that the Obamas’ have made their choices, from several Washington museums, of the art that will be hanging in the White House during their occupancy. Take a look at the slide show of some of the highlights–two paintings by George Catlin and the patent model for Samuel Finley Breese Morse’s … Read more