Even A Tough Winter Has Its Saving Graces

This certainly has been a tough winter. No question: it is hard to enjoy all that snow shoveling, all that wandering through slush and puddles, all that cold. But there is a saving grace–the incredible beauty left by winter storms. And, over the last few days, that beauty has been on display at Green-Wood. It … Read more

Drawn from Nature

Green-Wood Cemetery has a long and proud relationship with artists. The first history of the cemetery, published in the 1840s, was illustrated with prints by James Smillie, who is interred at Green-Wood. It is the final resting place for many of the painters of the Hudson River School, the first American school of painters, including … Read more

Spring Has Sprung

Here’s the headline on the front page of today’s New York Times: “Summer Overtakes Spring; Confusion Reigns.” The article describes the reaction by New York City’s dwellers to the record high for April 10, set yesterday, of 91 degrees in Central Park. And, over in Green-Wood Cemetery, if wasn’t just the people who were confused. … Read more

It Isn’t Pretty

I thought the snow storm we had a few weeks ago was pretty severe. With all that wet snow, many wonderful trees lost limbs. Discussing that storm with our Superintendent of the Grounds, Art Presson, a few days after it struck, we marveled at the fact that all of the falling limbs then had somehow … Read more