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Green-Wood Works With the Community to Find a Safe and Appropriate Home for Sunset Park Boulder


June 25, 2014

One of Green-Wood’s primary responsibilities is to maintain the grounds of our National Historic Landmark and to ensure that our 478 acres, as well the sidewalks immediately outside our gates, are free of hazards that could present a danger to pedestrians and others.

Legal counsel has advised us that the large boulder that has been placed outside Green-Wood’s fence on Fifth Avenue near 36th Street poses such a danger. With its high volume of visitor traffic, there is a risk for injury — particularly to children.

The New York City Administrative Code holds that cemeteries can be legally liable for injuries that occur on the sidewalks outside the property gates. Even if the community group that placed the boulder on the grass outside Green-Wood’s fence were to indemnify Green-Wood, the Cemetery could still be sued and found liable.

Green-Wood officials have discussed this matter with Councilmember’s Menchaca office and the Community Board. Out of concern for the safety of our neighbors and given the legal exposure for Green-Wood, we are in discussions to help find an appropriate and safe home for the boulder.

Green-Wood Cemetery

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