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Rooftop Films Presents: Cemetery Shorts

July 24, 2021 , 7:45pm 11:00pm

Rooftop Films and Green-Wood invite you to gather for a cinematic meditation on the living, the dead, and those caught in between the two. Whether it’s contemplating the mortality of a pet turtle, embalming a beloved one to sustain its spirit in the flesh, or killing in the name of life—the characters in these short films are driven by death and grief, no matter how they may try to avoid or deny it. (For the full lineup, click here.)

The protagonists of these stories experience emotions and coping mechanisms as multifaceted as the circumstances and settings surrounding the rituals of dying they must face. While there is no guidebook for navigating the mortal process, these films will show you the eternal and the ephemeral while weaving bits of laughter through the grand abyss. Come join in on the conversation at Green-Wood’s historic and idyllic grounds.

Check in will be at the Main Entrance on 25th Street and Fifth Avenue, but the screening location will be about a 10-15 minute walk from there. Bring your ticket (either printed or on your phone) and we will check your tickets with a contactless check in scanner. Click here for our inclement weather policy.


– Attendees will be subject to a mandatory temperature check at the door, unless you prefer to provide proof of vaccination. 

– Masks will be required while inside of the venue and while interacting with staff.

– Seating will be arranged in pods (up to 4 people) so that you may sit together with your group, but remain socially distanced from those not in your group

– Green-Wood reserves the right to deny entry to any visitor who refuses to comply with the safety guidelines.

If you observe a situation or behavior that does not reflect these protocols, please advise an ambassador or other staff member immediately. With everyone’s cooperation this will be a memorable and safe unique experience.

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