Event Series Birding in Peace

Birding in Peace

Before our gates open to the general public, birding expert Rob Jett leads these peaceful early morning walking tours to discover the many birds that make Green-Wood their home—at least temporarily.

Event Series Meet Your Green Neighbors

Meet Your Green Neighbors

Whether you’re a budding botanist or simply enjoy wandering through Green-Wood, you’ve likely noticed a remarkable diversity of plants at every turn. But can you put a name to those fascinating photosynthesizers? Learning how to identify local flora can seem daunting, but with a little guidance and observation, you’ll be making connections in no time! ... Read more

Bugging Out!: Walk for Kids

At least 950 species—and counting—of insects and spiders have been sighted in Green-Wood. (A number we have thanks to the observations of citizen scientists on iNaturalist!) Herbivores and carnivores, pollinators and parasites, beneficial and detrimental, beautiful and, sometimes, frightening—the tiny life-forms that creep, crawl, buzz, and flutter provide a fascinating wealth of knowledge about the ... Read more

Event Series Secrets in Stone

Secrets in Stone

The Victorians loved a good secret—and they took a lot of them to the grave! Etched in centuries-old monuments, you’ll encounter inverted torches, hourglasses with wings, and empty beds. What does it all mean? This eye-opening walking tour will showcase these curious depictions and let you in on the meaning of these eternal, though often ... Read more

Green-Wood’s Greatest Hits

Join our expert tour guides to explore Green-Wood’s historic landscape and visit its most fascinating permanent residents. If you have never been to the Cemetery, this is your opportunity to discover the highlights of some of its 478 acres of art, history, and nature! On this walking tour, you will tread where George Washington and ... Read more